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My Message To all of Those Contemplating Suicide

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1 My Message To all of Those Contemplating Suicide on 2nd October 2013, 12:41 pm


Angellic Host
Angellic Host
There you are...sitting there contemplating on suicide...feeling that there isn't any hope for you
that life purposefully gave you crap whilst you watch others all around you enjoying themselves...The truth is no one is immune to getting crap thrown their way..

Life only offers one thing freely, crap...everything else you must work for through
hard work or it's based on the results of the decisions that you have to make throughout your
path in LIFE...

When life gives you an obstacle that you feel like you cannot manage, don't give into the thoughts or the obsessions of death, don't think that cutting into your body with that sharp object causing yourself to bleed or ending your life will solve your dilemma...IT WON'T..

The truth is..

Most obsessions with death are from desiring to escape the dilemma that life has presented you and your only solution in making this dilemma to disappear by grabbing that sharp object, cutting into your body, making yourself bleed another time or give into the urge to truly end your life by whatever means you are contemplating well, I have news for you.... IT WON'T!

What will happen...

Those that you love will have to mourn your death and deal with whatever mess you have left behind..these are the people who DO CARE and WANT TO SEE YOU SUCCEED!



I know it's hard to do that right now but you do have the strength to do it inside of you..


Next time you start to feel this way, distract yourself, do something that you enjoy, talk to someone you can trust or ring up a suicide hotline..and vent it all out!

Otherwise, you will not get past this, you will continue to feel this depression this gloominess that you feel now until you decide stop and do something about it.

After all, once you make that too deep of a cut or pull that trigger, you will die and cross over...

And once you cross won't be able to get another chance to try and make things right, as there isn't any way of coming back to life as death is a permanent thing.

Those who you have left behind will have to deal with the unbearable grief of your passing which they will never be able to get over and cope with the vacant space that remains as a result..a vacant space once filled by the beauty that is YOU!


If you need to vent you can also do so within this forum..we are all here to help and/or to listen to your one will judge..

Be in peace...

To find peace you must set aside what you were brought up to believe and be open to the truth.
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