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Dreams and The Interpretations Behind Them

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1 Dreams and The Interpretations Behind Them on 1st August 2011, 9:39 am


Angellic Host
Angellic Host
Walking through walls, Flying high in the sky, people shifting forms before your very eyes, teeth falling out, money appearing out of thin air...all of these are some examples of what is usually occurring in dreams.

What are Dreams?

Most of the time dreams are just a way for your subconscious to release fears or feelings that its not able to in the waking life. They can also be prophetic or help you recall anything in a past life that you may have had or if you haven't been able to obtain the skill of astral projection in the waking life you could travel to a vast area of places, some of where you've never been to before.

Why must there be Interpretations to Dreams?

Some dreams you may have could be warning you of something that would happen in the near future if you take this course of action or if you are to prepare for it. These are usually your prophetic dreams.

When its something that your mind just wants to release then you will have really bizarre dreams like my favourite examples are purple monkeys and pink elephants and there really isn't any hidden meaning behind those.

When its something from your past life you can relive it especially if it was a happy time in your life. If it was something that was a bad event that you lived through or were a part of its better to just observe it. These usually have meaning as they will help you interpret why you feel a connection with so and so or why a certain place has a familiarity to it and if its an obstacle that you need to get past then a negative event would mean that you need to work on yourself to stop the cycle.

Astral visits in dreams they are usually of beings you have known in previous lives or ones you have known in this life wanting to communicate with you further and help you on your path. These are only a couple of reasons for why you will get visited on astral as the reasons could be for various things. Also the subconscious is normally the most active in the sleep state so the ability to astral travel and project is much easier as you are not consciously trying to do it so you will be able to visit all sorts of places. The destinations are only limited by you. :) Dreams of this nature are much much more vivid and more real then a dream where you are just releasing emotion.

Basically why there must be interpretations is that the mind wants to know that its not went crazy or wants reassurance that the meaning that they think is the true meaning behind it is legit and confirmed. The mind feels better when it knows that there are others who are aware of their dreams and if necessary help them through it especially if its alarmed them in any way and they need to be comforted.

How Do We Deal with Our Dreams?

First you must decide what type of dream you were having, you can start your own dream journal and write it down as soon as you wake up. This will help you observe it at another angle and help you decide whether it had meaning or not.

Second if it needs to be interpreted you can also write what you think it means down on paper or tell a close friend about it and see if they have any additional insight as to what it means.

Third If there isn't any meaning behind it then don't dwell on it and tell your mind that its okay now and go about your day.

Remember all of us dream this is a normal thing there isn't anything wrong with you if you feel as if you don't dream anything at all as the reason behind that is that you are able to sleep so deeply and soundly that you just don't remember what you dreamed.

Don't panic when you feel scared in your dreams try to observe it and find out what caused that emotion to suddenly appear. If you are able to change the event and turn it into something happy if it gets really really bad then do it.

Most importantly if you can't shake off a bad dream then you should post the dream in extreme detail in our ask the council section so that we can help end the nightmare for you.

To find peace you must set aside what you were brought up to believe and be open to the truth.
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