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February 2019

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Bad Experience

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1 Bad Experience on 15th December 2013, 7:23 pm


Angellic Host
Angellic Host
Late last night I had another bad experience...somehow during the night I was disrupted and well awake sort of and I couldn't get myself out of that mode for a while I didn't want to turn on a light...would just make it worse and so I just allowed the racing mind that I had continue run its course until I was able to settle back down again..

This normally happens when I am the in between awake and asleep state...Hopefully tonight will be much better for me..

Also I have cut back on my caffeine intake it seems like stuff is affecting me more easily then before...could be a sign that I am getting old? lol


To find peace you must set aside what you were brought up to believe and be open to the truth.
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