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February 2019

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You should be very scared..

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1 You should be very scared.. on 2nd December 2012, 5:40 am

I may not be some crazy person who runs around and screams to the world that it will end soon. Because silently I am waiting for the day to rise aginst those tryed to brake me. Sadly thats what the world does.. It trys to brake you and show you that your not worth much. But you are, you are worth so much and you don't even know it.Why else would the world treat you so bad.

The dream:
It was snowing outside, everyone wore coats as they bundled up and held together in a long line, soilders held their guns to themself as they hushered people through the door. They didn't tell us much but for the facted if you are marked you die in a week of something very terrible. If they don't get marked you live, my thought to this was that they are looking for those who will stop them or those who have power against them. Why i thought this, no one else could see the Angels standing gaurd on ach side of the pillar, their armor a dull gold and they held a long blade to their side. Only I could see them and I got scared known just why these people where getting marked.

Most of my dreams are different but this is a part that I need to hold on too. Note to self: those where not soilders working for man kind.

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