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June 2019

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A Long Road Travelled

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1A Long Road Travelled Empty A Long Road Travelled on 25th September 2011, 6:23 pm


Angellic Host
Angellic Host
A Long Road Travelled
By: Ara'sh'el

A poem about overcoming life’s obsticles.

Every day I look around,

Every day I see,

A long road travelled,

This is how it came to be,

I have been through so much,

But I don’t need sympathy,

Because with all the obsticles that I have overcome,

Its made me stronger, emotionally and spiritually.

A long road travelled,

Oh I know I am not through,

Traveling this life road that I have chosen,

Its helped me see life from a different point of view.

So if you are on a similar road,

Just remember this,

You must look past the circumstances that are in front of you,

You must see that at the end of the road,

there will be peace and bliss.

To find peace you must set aside what you were brought up to believe and be open to the truth.
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