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A Place That I Call Hell

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1 A Place That I Call Hell on 25th September 2011, 6:13 pm


Angellic Host
Angellic Host
A Place That I Call Hell
By: Ara'sh'el

A poem about Hell.

Come along with me, I will take you on a trip,

to a place that I call hell,

Once we get past the black iron gates,

You will see, that its not like what most,

think that it is or should be….

If you look to the south, in this place that I call hell,

you will hear the sounds of screams,

As you and I start to walk closer you will feel the heat,

then see grey smoke it is rising above some sort of black ground,

You and I hear the stomps of a creature with huge feet,

As we arrive to this area, this is what you and I will have found,

Red, blue, orange and purple flames, blazing up to an indescribable height,

You wonder, if these tormented souls know that they are in this area,

Or if they think that they are in never ending flame filled night.

Oh, yes, you can smell the smell of burning flesh,

You see that the creature is really the black dragon too,

locked inside, keeping this fire stoked, this never ending inferno,

these souls continuously cry in agony and for help,

unfortunately there is nothing we can do,

This is a place that I call hell.

To find peace you must set aside what you were brought up to believe and be open to the truth.
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